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Microdose Mushrooms – Bio Frost


3.5g – 40.00$

7g – 70.00$

14g – 120.00$

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Bio Frost Magic Mushrooms, known scientifically as Cryofungus Frostensis Psychedelics, is a highly sought-after strain of magic mushrooms renowned for their potent psychedelic effects and captivating appearance. These mushrooms possess a visually stunning allure, with frosty white caps that resemble delicate ice crystals, complemented by slender and pale stems. Their unique combination of aesthetics and mind-altering properties makes them popular among those seeking a transformative psychedelic experience.

Users of the Bio Frost Magic Mushroom strain commonly report experiencing an intense sense of euphoria, heightened sensory perception, and deep introspection. The psychedelic journey induced by these mushrooms can involve vivid visual hallucinations, where colors appear more vibrant and patterns take on a life of their own. This strain is known for evoking a dreamlike state, blurring the boundaries between the self and the external world.