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KURATIV THC FREE CBD OILS – Unflavoured (3000mg)


Kurativ THC-Free CBD Oils begin with 99+% CBD Isolate extracted from only the finest grown hemp plants. Then it’s precisely formulated with Organic MCT oil to produce a blend that is pure and effective with no unpleasant tastes. We select MCT oil due to it’s high absorbability rate. This means that your body absorbs more CBD than you would with other carrier oils. Sometimes, simple is better.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, CBD Isolate

Suggested Use: Sublingual method: Fill dropper to desired level, and dispense oil underneath the tongue. Do not swallow for at least 60 seconds. Product can also be applied topically.

Product Specs: Cannabinoid Profile: Isolated extracts
Major Cannabinoids: CBD
Minor Cannabinoids: None
THC Content: 0%

1500mg: 50mg per ml ; 1500mg per bottle (30ml)
3000mg: 100mg per ml ; 3000mg per bottle (30ml)
6000mg: 100mg per ml; 6000mg per bottle (60ml)

1 oz