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KURATIV Full Spectrum CBG Gummies 1000mg – Delicious Bears


Since we launched our Full Spectrum CBD/CBG line, we’ve been overwhelmed with requests for a CBG Gummy. So, we delivered. CBD / CBG Gummies, 1000mg per bag. These gummies deliver the same great taste as our CBD version, but with even more amazing cannabinoids to help deliver the results you’re looking for. Each piece contains 4:1 CBD:CBG plus minor cannabinoids such as CBN,CBC,CBDV.

Available in our two bestselling flavors:  Delicious Bears and Juicy Watermelon Wedges.

Best for:  Daily morning, afternoon and evening supplement, those who are experiencing chronic body pains, chronic inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, mental focus & clarity, stress relief, mindfulness & relaxation, headache & chronic inflammation relief, gut health, muscle recovery, menstruation cramps, acne.

  • Ratio: 4:1 CBD:CBG (20mg CBD: 5mg CBG)
  • Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Extract, Isolated CBG
  • Major Cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, THC
  • Minor Cannabinoids: CBC, CBN, CBDV
  • Cannabinoid content by container – 1000mg: 25mg each; 1000mg per container (40 pieces)
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