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Enigma Bonbon (Triple Strength)


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Enigma Bonbon Vegan Milk Chocolate (Triple Strength)

2000mg – 500mg per bonbon


Microdose Mushrooms Enigma Milk Chocolate is as unique and special as it looks. Our chocolatier carefully orchestrated all organic ingredients with the enigma mushrooms strain to make a delicious and potent vegan milk chocolate bonbon.

We use the enigma strain of mushroom variety, which is historically legendary for its look, potency, and irregularity. The enigma strain is three times as strong as traditional mushroom strains, as it doesn’t fruit like classic mushroom strains, which makes it very potent. 

We use organic coconut cream and Madagascar Vanilla to give our chocolate a milky and sweet taste, along with the psychoactive experience. It’s a delicious way to experience the magical effects of the enigma magic mushroom.



Each bonbon contains 500mgs of Enigma psilocybin mushroom strain per bar. Therefore, each unit contains a total of 2000mg (Please be aware that the enigma magic mushroom strain is up to 3 times as strong as other strains).

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