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Alice Micro Dose Capsules – WELMA 300mg


“Zoinks!” “Jeepers!” “Jinkies!”

Alice Welma Micro Dose Capsules are packed full of holistic ingredients to optimize both your mental and physical health! Not only does each capsule have 200mg of pure Penis Envy Mushrooms to help open your mind, they also contain 50mg of Lion Mane which helps enhance your mood and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. On top of that we’ve also added 50mg of Rhodiola It can enhance endurance and reduce fatigue, making it easier to engage in physical activities for longer periods.

Each Alice Welma Micro Dose Capsules bottle comes with 20 gel caps, made for convenience and discreetness.

200mg of Penis Envy Mushroom, 50mg Lion Mane and 50mg of Rhodiola per cap. 6000mg per bottle.

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